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Parents !! Pay Attention!! Please….

Parents and caretakers should really do something about what their children observe.When Kids go bad, most of the time it's the parents fault.


Weird Spit Trailer

The following link will allow you to see the trailer for a random comic project I’ve been playing with. There will be seven  episodes, I will start  posting summer 2012, that way i have time to half way complete the series by the time the first is posted. check it out !

Hello Bizarre world!

BIZARRE. : strikingly out of the ordinary: as a : odd, extravagant, or
eccentric in style or mode.

LAB = LABORATORY : is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research,
experiments, and observed.

I want to find the bizarre in this world, there’s so much of it, wouldn’t you agree? Spread the word, find weird things so that we may praise or make fun of them,  One!