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“Black Genius”

Frederick M. Jones

No, I’m not writing about myself, This is about Frederick McKinley Jones one of my favorite inventors. I felt the need to examine Jones in short to see what he’s brought to the world. I’ll start with the entertainment industry; Jones patented a ticket distributing machine that also gave change, helping create the ticket boy or girl who rips and collects tickets for some easy cash. Next is the process of  sound recording and playback, which was good since the first motion picture was “A Jazz Singer”, that would have been whack without sound. Jones gets credit for a few other mechanical devices prudent to the budding US Movie industry. His main focus was in the development of refrigeration units used for a wide array of transportation of goods . This provided cool containment for long distance transport of frozen and or fresh food for the grocery and fast food industry, not to forget that of blood and serum for soldiers during WWII. I could go on but this guy invent about 60 known patents, which is why I find him so inspiring. Jones saw no need to focus on one idea and the result of that brought his visions into our way of life and survival. And if there’s any inventor to bring up in a Black contribution discussion, he’s one I’ve thrown in the mix. Peace!

Frederick McKinley Jones (1893-1961)

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New Comic “Fetcher”

  This is a project I’ve been working on to get my skills up, Fetcher the main character isn’t based on any one person but the flaults  many share. There will probably be alot of strong sexy undertones in this comic due to my fascination with the the female body, i don’t apologize for this .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The video is posted on youtube      I will have videos here on my blog in the near future.


T-shirt development

" Gods evil Helper"

This design was turned down by threadless, I think it was the nudity. SHAME on me?

I have gotten some interesting feedback after showing this work of art.

One brother described the shirt as showing “the reason why we’re in all this mess”,

which is probable what most might think. But I was going for something else, to remind myself of how cunning, juicey, gracefully  beautiful evil is, how necessary destruction is. It’s a way for me to accept the good as well as the bad because i realize it brings growth and new. I respect the pain a woman gives, good for ya manhood !