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George Soros “The Puppet Master”

 By Jaron Brown

 In this article I intend to enlighten my readers as to what I know about George Soros, only the facts. There are many people who are major players in politics, media, government, banking, and corporations but none of my friends know about them.  These systems are important because we are supporting them blindly while they continue to charge us high interest rates, unfair taxes, tells us lies, steal, basically all the circumstances we can do without in life. Our conditions can be traced back to decisions’ made be these major players, and the game they’re playing is us! I want my people to know the who as well as the what, because even some of these young cats know what it is, so here’s one of the Major Players, George Soros.

            Born August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary, as a child he escaped the holocaust and fled to London where he later attended The London school of Economics. In some of his early writings he described helping escaped Jews that were wounded or young to the hospital, traveling back and forth across the Austrian border by truck, he mentions the god awful conditions and atrocities in the hospitals as well. Soros authored many books since,  “Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism”, “The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crisis of 2008 and what it means”, and “The Alchemy of Finance (Wiley Investment Classics)” which he paired up with Chairman of Federal Reserve’s Paul A. Volcker in 2003 to write. Soros was named the 10 Wealthiest American of 2011 in Forbes with a net worth of $22 Billion US.   He’s the chairman of Soros Fund Management which he founded in 1969, the world’s foremost hedge fund with international investments in all kinds of corporations like Hess, Ford motor, and  Global Ship Lease just to name a few.

 He’s also the chairman of the “Open Society Foundation” or OSF, a private grant making foundation with the aim to support democratic Governance, Legal, economic, human rights, and social reform. OSF also supports development of charities, community groups (how he found Obama maybe?) and trade Unions. George Soros has donated a record $52 Million through his Foundations to the Associated Press, The New York Times, CNN, NPR, Washington Post and ABC, all I have noticed are Liberal and Neutral Media Outlets. I must admit, thanks to the election of The 44th President of the United States Barack H. Obama I’ve made myself more aware of the political world. I was stunned by the election which led me to listen to the radio everyday during work. After reading some creditable articles and watching a lot of YouTube interviews, one name often brought up is philanthropist George Soros. Starting out supporting Hilary Clinton until he realized him and Obama shared the same ideas (combination of Socialistic and communistic ideas) and that Obama was more electable.

Obama didn’t feel experienced enough to run for the Presidency but after a sit down in New York with Soros Obama was convinced to run for office. Since then he’s always giving Obama the max amount allowable under the campaign-finance laws, as well as spreading his donations out to over 100 politically active organizations, pushing some of Obama’s biggest policies like the ‘Stimulus plan’ in which he invested millions in the companies the stimulus benefited like ‘Cisco systems’, and ‘American Electric Power’ just to name two, earning him millions more. Such a move makes him one of the most strategic major players in my book and dubbing him the nickname” Puppet Master” to most.

 So now with that bit of info I leave the reader to form their own opinion about Soros, and I encourage further research into the dude. A person that has the power to push his or her personal agenda this far in the world we live in today without being as known as Jay-Z is very bizarre.


Jaron Brown

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            Countless people are suffering everyday due to some form of evil or injustice in the world. Yet the question always remains the same. WHY? Why do we go to war to kill, torture, and rape millions of men, women, and children? Why are most of the world’s resources ALLOWED to be hoarded and controlled by less than 1% of the population? Why does there continue to be starvation, deprivation, and curable diseases when advancements in science should have eradicated these issues a long time ago? These are just some of the larger scale “WHY’S” not to mention some of the lesser “WHY’S” we have within our various communities such as why we cheat, lie, steal from each other etc. Well folk’s I’m here to tell you that all of the above atrocities and injustices are perfectly normal and NECESSARY in this time/space reality we call Earth. You have misguided religious and political leaders preaching a steady dose of “EQUALITY AND PROSPERITY” for all when they themselves know that this is the farthest thing from the truth. In fact it’s an outright lie! It’s a lie perpetuated to keep a certain number of us HUMBLE and MEEK. Funny how the word meek rhymes with sheep! Don’t fret my friends, it is all very necessary. You see, you cannot recognize what “good, pure, peace, love” is without its exact opposite in existence. The same way you would not know what UP is without DOWN, HOT without COLD, LEFT without RIGHT, BLACK without WHITE! The best one being GOD without SATAN. Even if I were to give the bible complete validity at the very least GOD would be an individual who created his OWN enemy (Satan) for personal amusement! How cruel would that be! To create someone just to ridicule it, cast it out of your presence, and makes it hated by all in existence. You Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindu’s still think your GOD is so loving? I beg to differ. If there is an original creator or life spark than it is truly an INDIFFERENT ENTITY.



“Occupy On Hoilday” Fetcher 4

The “Fetcher 4”, complete with new beat and more animations, in this episode Evil Ted and Fetcher while cruising the city, decide to pick up Barker the Peaceful Rebel out of the crew.  Happy Hoildays To All…Enjoy!

Link for English

El “Fetcher 4 “, completo con nuevo compás y más animaciones, en este episodio Mal Ted y Fetcher mientras que cruzar la ciudad, decide recoger Barker la Pacífica de los Rebeldes de la tripulación. Feliz unas vacaciones tranquilas para disfrutar de todos…¡Disfruta!

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The Bizarre Shop is up!

The first graphic chosen for The Bizarre Lab Shop, ‘Minds Soul’ is an old design that I found fitting for the Bizarre lab theme. T-shirts can now be purchased at my blog through, a certified product distribution online company. This will make possible delivery of merchandise to any desired location.