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“The King” Francesco Lentini

Francesco Lentini

 “The King”

 by Jaron Brown

 Hello, welcome to the Bizarre Lab and to my friends welcome back! In this article I’d like to present, the charming, and Greatest Freak of all, “The King” Francesco Lentini the Three Legged Man! Frank Lentini was born 1889 near Syracuse Sicily to a family as they’re twelfth child; born with three legs, four feet, 16 toes, (one foot having extra set of toes), and two fully functional genital’s. Because of Lentini appearance his family thought him to be a devil and so was giving away as a baby to a home for disabled children; there he grew to appreciate his condition after seeing children that were far worst off because of their disabilities. At the age of nine he emigrated to america where he began his career on stage as “the Three Legged Wonder” in 1898. With his keen sense of humor he became an instant success, and even though all three legs where different sizes he amazed crowds with the ease in which he maneuvered his extra limb, kicking soccer balls across the stage.

Throughout his forty-year career he’s preformed in just about every major circus and side-show like Barnum & Bailey and Coney Island. His acts became more complex and alluring due to his vast intellect, in a way becoming a teacher.a during shows and interviews he’d answer questions about his sex life which was something he was comfortable with. Also educating people about hygiene as well as healthy sexual practices while conducting interviews sitting on his extra leg like a stool. Lentini was known to be a very open and charming man and was greatly respected by all his peers; they called him “The King”.  He has inspired millions, both disable and able to pursue their goals regardless of the cards they’ve been dealt  or the judgments of others. Lentini married Therese Murray and fathered four children with her but he often traveled; continuing to touch the lives of many during his tours. When the movement to banned all Freak shows started, Lentini was amongst the disabled people the opposed it, most of the performers did this because it was their only way to make a living. He died in Florida  1966 at age 78, and I think people like him show what true strength and perseverance is.


To find out more about Frank Lentini hit these links:


One response

  1. MSLG360

    Sounds like a very interesting person. Like the fact that he wasn’t ashamed of his appearance.

    January 25, 2012 at 1:10 am

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