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Victims Climax O Shame

victim artBy Jaron Brown

Welcome back to The Bizarre Lab, where we embrace and study the Bizarre of our world, and in this article I’ve dared to touch on a very sensitive and serious topic in humanity, that of rape. What makes this topic so bizarre to me is the primal desire hidden within the victim which causes orgasm during rape.  In some cases the women lie about being raped, and this is inexcusable, and those that do should be punished to the full extent of the law. In other cases women wait years to come forward and admit they’ve been raped. I think they do this in fear of what others would say if it’s found that she had an orgasm from the attack. That’s when people turn coldly as if jealous, and claim the woman or man (victim) enjoyed the act. Some even go as far to say the victim asked for it and put themselves in the situation to be taking advantage of. My concern isn’t with how women put themselves in the situations no my concern is for the women after the violation. I wanna try and give that confront in that fact that they are victims, and they will have support.

During last year’s election, Indiana’s Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock of the GOP responded to the issue of Pregnancy from rape as ‘Something God Intended’. Wow, crazy right?  I myself don’t believe in a spook in the sky and the way Mourdock thinks is just one example of why I don’t. Saying ‘God Intended’ is like saying your father has planned for you to get raped to conceive his grandchild. But the comment made me think more about rape victims, the reality is these women will have scars for life, and most keep it a secret. But are the scars just a part of institutionalized thinking caused by society itself?  Of course it is, the victims feel dirty, contaminated afterwards and in turn believes that everyone else will feel the same way about them. Sad enough, most people do feel that way towards them, not many will get involved with a woman after finding out shes been molested.

After speaking to people about it, I’ve found that most believe that if a woman has an O during rape “it’s not really rape because she enjoyed it”. Now knowing that this is what most people believe how could a victim come out and reveal such a horrific happening in their life without the support to help them through it? Blogs all over are attacking this issue for the same reason I am, to show support and spread awareness. We all could imagine the shame in having your body excited even though the mind isn’t in accordance with this act. Like when nipples become erect from the cold, or erection during class, both can be embarrassing. To add to this conundrum, based on last month’s Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, a 5,000 post –rape counseling session revealed that almost all female rape victims had an orgasm during the attack. That’s a lot of orgasms of shame, let’s unshame them.

My research has shown that there are many factors that are involved in these situations, but the leading factor I found amongst the studies are evolution and the hard-wired biological functions of the human body. Women are inherently more attracted to men that are more aggressive and dominant, which is just what a rapist becomes at that point in time, a savage extreme of strength and dominance. This overwhelms a woman’s body with excitement which causes the body the react accordingly and has nothing to do with their mental facilities. Just as the human body responds to heat by releasing sweat and vapor. This primal reaction ensures that the dominant of the species passes their genes to the next generation.

Now oddly enough there’s a primal desire in women to be raped, oh yeah it’s true. Based on (Bivona, J. and J. Critelli. “The Nature of Women’s Rape Fantasies: An Analysis of Prevalence, Frequency, and Contents, “Journal of Sex Research (2009) 46:33) In a survey out of north Texas university , 355 women  were asked how often do they fantasizes about being raped , 62% said they did have at least one fantasy of being raped. More women than we would believe actually have fantasies of being forced into having sex. Even when the question phrased differently, “being over powered by a man” 52% admitted having these desires. This may also have something to do with the circumstances’ in which a woman would have an orgasm during rape. The animal inside rears its primal head, but only in the name of nature, it’s not to say that they want to be clubbed over the head or held at gun point and raped, but in a controlled setting it’s welcomed, like in porns or movies. Like when us men day dream of a thug life and stuff, we desire the action but we don’t really want to be shot at in real life.

I started to cry when the thought came to mind that women out there that we see walking in the streets, riding the trains and buses, driving to and from work every day, just tormented by what happened to them. They need to know that support is out there and they aren’t perverts or crazy for having an orgasm during sex. And you dudes out there that think men can’t get raped by woman you’re buggin. A woman’s beauty alone isn’t what gets us hard, remember it’s a primal desire to procreate that’s activated, women don’t need to orgasm to conceive, but men do!  So if anything, it just means we are more accepting of being raped and feel good about a woman tearing our clothes off, it openly uplifts us men to be desired by women in any way, especially that way.

I hope this article reaches a lot of folks and gives them the strength to come out and get the help they truly deserve and need. Lastly I’d leave on this note for men, if you having a hard time getting your special lady that O, ya might wanna engage in some roll playing… (If you get my drift). Thank you all for reading and for more on the topic I’m leaving links  below if you want to look further into the matter, and you can click this link for a support service for rape victims.


Jaron Brown