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Blame change

Blame is the center of the clock
Forgetting the gears turn within
The hands spin and point non-stop
To all except where they begin
as if cogs don’t move the parts.
We blame others all the time
No it wasn’t me
Must’ve been the other guy
The fault is yours
Not mine
Blame leads nowhere
doesn’t make a difference why
Blame doesn’t stay anywhere
It just changes sides.

JaRon Brown



Good vision comes with time
So look passed old crimes
Move on to new grinds
And try to keep in mind
It ends when you die
Weather you believe
in the kingdom in the sky
Or reincarnation
The end still applies
The start is life
Between which visions Thrive.
Shapes are formed
By handless eyes
Rods stab realities depths
And colors dotted by cones
Reflect spectrums of light
That shine mountain tops
And dims the Valleys just right.

JaRon Brown

Happy becomes Sad

Warm Happy to cold sad is heart

From the decay, happiness grows

Unimaginable piles of dark, glows

Each breath thinner, swallow

Suffocates the lungs so

Sun’s rays ebbed by shadow

The road most traveled

Shall become filled with pits

Great fall of great goals

A smile given much

Long side a numbed touch

Heart has changed to stone

Which beats as such?

Not for riches of material

Nor passage of heavens bluff

A battle rages and a mind divided

Happy is being subsided

Sad begins rising

Strength is replaced with a weak

Confusion is now a natural feel

Loss is the permanent statement

Of the soul

Cry is comfort and protection

Sad is the solitude

Where the dark is home and safe

From the light of moon.

JaRon Brown

One and other, The two halves of the whole.


Artwork by JaRon Brown

This will be based on what I know to be metaphysics; A topic that is never really touched in our time maybe because of our underlying beliefs. To me, metaphysics can alleviate most of the anxieties of living when applied to ourselves , Without losing your current beliefs, metaphysics provides an inner peace through studying that inner awareness we call our egos or our persons by way of anatomical knowledge. By using a very practical thought processing to translate our complex connections, I hope to give folks something they can really hold as a reminder of what life really is, rather than having concepts that separate us from what is, like the globe for example has lines of latitude, longitude and borders, however when taking a trip high above the atmosphere you will witness no lines or borders lay across the planet. Metaphysics when applied will remind you that the lines are made up, imaginary, an institution, we all as humans just agree to use the concept of borders, meridians and parallels for navigating and pin pointing places on the planet.

Now going into what I believe to be our metaphysics to explain two halves of the whole (self). There is no self without other. For example, I am me and you reading this right now are you, in this moment you could say I’m speaking to you from the past. I’ve sent this message to the future which in this whole transaction takes place in eternity. But when you reverse the pole you refer to yourself as me. You would Say I am reading your words in which the ‘your’ is referred to as me. The other is always the object because one’s self is always the subject. I always am the center and you are always an object to me, no matter how you flip the point of view it is always this situation. Very practical connection yes, but not exactly considered until we get the feeling of loneliness.

When you touch an object you determine, anything other than self you call it hard or soft depending on your being soft or hard. Objects can only be hard to soft skin, but in relation to the hard skins, the object is soft. This can also be seen in relation to feelings. When a man or woman (self) feels happy, it is in relation to any object or objectives, the pole to this is when the self feels bad in relation to any object or objection. The pole is good and bad because there are no ways of knowing what are good feelings without also knowing what a bad feeling is.

The conscious attention which we call the ego works on this principal. In this case the ego is the response of the body to the environment. Without the environment, there could be nothing for the body to sense or respond to, hence no ego to witness itself. Without something or someone to compare and/or relate the self with, neither exists, neither is. This is the whole thing, the existence, the being. To end this article I will say, I hope that you play with it, try and find something that existence in relation to nothing, then find out how many things in existence have a relation. This is the one and other.

Love, JaRon