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I’m just a man on a quest to become a greater man, learning how to accept my faults and praise my gifts. The world readily accepts the simple and plain, the cliche and mundane, in this blog I will present Bizarre topics to discuss. It is the Bizarre ideas that move and influence change in our existence here on earth. The bizarre cultures with strange ways, they play in duality with their weird ass religions, Conspiracies and corruption in every industry on the face of the earth and everyone participates, knowing that it keeps a unequal balance, THAT IS BIZARRE.  Plus thats just what im into, rather than sit in the house playing video games untill it’s time for school or work(which has become mundane), I’ve decided to use this blog to show case my work as well as present ideas my friends and I have discovered and pass on that info to all our fellow truth thinkers.

JaRon Brown


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