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Cocaine iz a hellava drug!!!


Article by Bizarro Tha Bold

       I recently found myself inspired and intrigued by indie rapper Riff Raff best known for his flashy and colorful style as well a short lived affiliation with Superstar Rapper Soldja Boy and his label SODMG. I long suspected that Riff Raff had his snow shoes on deck but got the confirmation when I watched him snort a line on a video blog of his. Although Riff Raff acts a fool in his songs and video’s he comes across as a well spoken and intelligent person who has an aura of authenticity and  realness that cannot be denied when he is interviewed, or is speaking in one of his countless video viral’s. Speaking of his numerous videos(93 in two years he boasted)on the web Riff Raff’s work ethic is is only bested by fellow underground workhorse Lil B.”I’ll make a mixtape in four hours” he said to DJ VLAD on VLADTV.COM I’m assuming that he was motivated by the same substance famed author Stephen King was in the eighties. From 1979-1987, the horror novelist was addicted to cocaine, describing it as his “on switch” and cannot remember a couple of books he wrote during this period. King claims it saved him from alcoholism and an early grave.”Without coke I’d have gone on drinking until about the age of 55 and it would have been a couple of lines in the New York Times:”writer Stephen King dies of stroke”. Similarly Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the famous story Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde in six days and nights on a cocaine binge.”That an invalid in my husbands condition of health should have been able to perform the manual labor alone of putting 60,000 words on paper in six days seems almost incredible” said his astonished wife, Fanny. In his autobiography legendary Hall of Fame football player Lawrence Taylor admitted to using white girl as early as his rookie season on the gridiron, quoted as saying”coke was the only bright spot in my future”.Hmmmm. Sigmund Freud penned an essay UberCoca extolling its virtues.Charlie Sheen; no editorial needed. My main man Steven Tyler said “I snorted half of Peru”. The now-sober Aerosmith frontman said he threw away “realistically 5 or 6 (million) easy” to feed his habit during the 1970’s and 80’s. The one constant that I’m noticing is that coke seems to inspire genius level inspiration and creativity at a price, literally. Known as the “caviar of street drugs” cocaine is the status-heavy vise of celebrities, business high rollers, street hustlers, and catholic priest’s. Hmmmm. So I did the research, the highs of coke are a enhanced sense of energy and alertness, an extremely elevated mood, and a feeling of supremacy. The cons are irritability, paranoia, anxiety, and restlessness. Hmmmm, should I give it the ol college dropout try? Would I finally be able to finish my book? Could I make something of myself? Could I pimp bitches!? Ahhhhhhhh some of life’s many mysteries. What do you think? Share some of your experiences cleaning off mirrors.


Sports Rant

64264385_400x400Bizarro Tha Bold rants about the recent controversy surrounding pro golfer Sergio Garcia’s comments pertaining to Champion golfer and future hall of famer Tiger Woods. Garcia made reference to eating fried chicken with Woods to a banquet audience in England.

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Thinkifications- Mark Anthony Ramirez


Welcome to the bizarre lab, in this Thinkification video I’m pleased to have Stand up Comedian and Writer Mark Anthony Ramirez shoot with me. The topic of race is one of the main issues in our Country and the fact that we ignore it doesn’t do any good. I’m the type of person who can’t help but think of ways to solve issues like this one, and I’m glade to know I’m not the only one with this stubborn optimism, So does Mark, seen on ABC, MTV, and Comedy Central; Heard and seen on Howard Stern, The Joey Reynolds Show, National Lampoon Radio, and Court TV Radio, The Me & Vinnie Show, Cosmo Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio. Mark gives the bizarre lab his insightful and comedic take on Race for this second installment of “Thinkifications”. Enjoy !
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Black Champion

Art by Jaron Brown

Welcome all to The Bizarre Lab, this article is inspired by a great Human Being that fearlessly gained freedom by choosing to do what makes him happy no matter how scared he got or what the world believed. A brave man that saw no obstacles only opportunities, life had an effect on him, but he had a bigger effect on life. The Man I speak of is one amongst the World’s greatest heavy weights in and outside the ring. (Boxing ring is a square so why do we call it ring? Bizarre) In the twentieth century, slavery ended however the odds against a man seem immeasurable, but not if you were Jack Johnson. He was born John Arthur “Jack” Johnson, in Galveston Texas, March 31, 1878, to former slaves, Henry and Tina Johnson. The two had one plan that was to educate all six of their children making sure they learned math, reading and writing. Jack left school after six years and started working at the docks, years later he met Joe Choynski, and they became friends as well as sparring partners and started his boxing career. Through his evasive movements and dead accurate punches he often made his fights look very one sided. This of course brought him much attention, at the height of the Jim Crow era Jack was like a modern day sports icon. In 1908 Jack defeated Tommy Burns in Sydney, Australia making himself the first Black Heavy Weight Champion of the World. He made front page on white newspapers which was astounding at the time, Blacks were only put in the paper for crimes, hangings, and for being suspected of a crime. Whites rallied behind Jim Jeffries the former heavy weight champion to come out of retirement, and in 1910 he did, it became one of the most note worthy moments in history.   “The Fight of the Century” they called it, and Jim Jeffries the great white hope was deployed. It was a monumental fight, one that proved that whites weren’t the most dominate race on earth as they tried to make everyone believe. By beating the champion amongst all those white folks that gathered in Reno, Nevada that hot dessert day Johnson displayed not only his skills as a boxer but his courage in the face of certain death. Days after ‘The Fight of the Century’ was over, tempers flared and riots broke out all over the country. Jack Johnson had giving Blacks something to think about as well as celebrate. At a time when the world made blacks believe they were inferior, Jack behaved like he was inferior to no one. From what I read about Jack and what I watched on the PBS documentary, his fearless personality gave him a great confidence, allowing him to live as a free man till he died in 1946 in a car crash. There are a lot more interesting stories of Jack Johnson, for instance being turned away from the titanic (Blues singer LeadBelly wrote a song about that) and his life full of white women and racing cars, but an amateur writer like me can only do so little justice in telling his story. So I leave you with this reference in hopes that you’ll hold an interest in Jack Johnson and do more research on him or checkout the PBS documentary “Unforgiveable Blackness” by Ken Burns following the life of Jack Johnson.


Jaron Brown

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“The King” Francesco Lentini

Francesco Lentini

 “The King”

 by Jaron Brown

 Hello, welcome to the Bizarre Lab and to my friends welcome back! In this article I’d like to present, the charming, and Greatest Freak of all, “The King” Francesco Lentini the Three Legged Man! Frank Lentini was born 1889 near Syracuse Sicily to a family as they’re twelfth child; born with three legs, four feet, 16 toes, (one foot having extra set of toes), and two fully functional genital’s. Because of Lentini appearance his family thought him to be a devil and so was giving away as a baby to a home for disabled children; there he grew to appreciate his condition after seeing children that were far worst off because of their disabilities. At the age of nine he emigrated to america where he began his career on stage as “the Three Legged Wonder” in 1898. With his keen sense of humor he became an instant success, and even though all three legs where different sizes he amazed crowds with the ease in which he maneuvered his extra limb, kicking soccer balls across the stage.

Throughout his forty-year career he’s preformed in just about every major circus and side-show like Barnum & Bailey and Coney Island. His acts became more complex and alluring due to his vast intellect, in a way becoming a teacher.a during shows and interviews he’d answer questions about his sex life which was something he was comfortable with. Also educating people about hygiene as well as healthy sexual practices while conducting interviews sitting on his extra leg like a stool. Lentini was known to be a very open and charming man and was greatly respected by all his peers; they called him “The King”.  He has inspired millions, both disable and able to pursue their goals regardless of the cards they’ve been dealt  or the judgments of others. Lentini married Therese Murray and fathered four children with her but he often traveled; continuing to touch the lives of many during his tours. When the movement to banned all Freak shows started, Lentini was amongst the disabled people the opposed it, most of the performers did this because it was their only way to make a living. He died in Florida  1966 at age 78, and I think people like him show what true strength and perseverance is.


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George Soros “The Puppet Master”

 By Jaron Brown

 In this article I intend to enlighten my readers as to what I know about George Soros, only the facts. There are many people who are major players in politics, media, government, banking, and corporations but none of my friends know about them.  These systems are important because we are supporting them blindly while they continue to charge us high interest rates, unfair taxes, tells us lies, steal, basically all the circumstances we can do without in life. Our conditions can be traced back to decisions’ made be these major players, and the game they’re playing is us! I want my people to know the who as well as the what, because even some of these young cats know what it is, so here’s one of the Major Players, George Soros.

            Born August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary, as a child he escaped the holocaust and fled to London where he later attended The London school of Economics. In some of his early writings he described helping escaped Jews that were wounded or young to the hospital, traveling back and forth across the Austrian border by truck, he mentions the god awful conditions and atrocities in the hospitals as well. Soros authored many books since,  “Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism”, “The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crisis of 2008 and what it means”, and “The Alchemy of Finance (Wiley Investment Classics)” which he paired up with Chairman of Federal Reserve’s Paul A. Volcker in 2003 to write. Soros was named the 10 Wealthiest American of 2011 in Forbes with a net worth of $22 Billion US.   He’s the chairman of Soros Fund Management which he founded in 1969, the world’s foremost hedge fund with international investments in all kinds of corporations like Hess, Ford motor, and  Global Ship Lease just to name a few.

 He’s also the chairman of the “Open Society Foundation” or OSF, a private grant making foundation with the aim to support democratic Governance, Legal, economic, human rights, and social reform. OSF also supports development of charities, community groups (how he found Obama maybe?) and trade Unions. George Soros has donated a record $52 Million through his Foundations to the Associated Press, The New York Times, CNN, NPR, Washington Post and ABC, all I have noticed are Liberal and Neutral Media Outlets. I must admit, thanks to the election of The 44th President of the United States Barack H. Obama I’ve made myself more aware of the political world. I was stunned by the election which led me to listen to the radio everyday during work. After reading some creditable articles and watching a lot of YouTube interviews, one name often brought up is philanthropist George Soros. Starting out supporting Hilary Clinton until he realized him and Obama shared the same ideas (combination of Socialistic and communistic ideas) and that Obama was more electable.

Obama didn’t feel experienced enough to run for the Presidency but after a sit down in New York with Soros Obama was convinced to run for office. Since then he’s always giving Obama the max amount allowable under the campaign-finance laws, as well as spreading his donations out to over 100 politically active organizations, pushing some of Obama’s biggest policies like the ‘Stimulus plan’ in which he invested millions in the companies the stimulus benefited like ‘Cisco systems’, and ‘American Electric Power’ just to name two, earning him millions more. Such a move makes him one of the most strategic major players in my book and dubbing him the nickname” Puppet Master” to most.

 So now with that bit of info I leave the reader to form their own opinion about Soros, and I encourage further research into the dude. A person that has the power to push his or her personal agenda this far in the world we live in today without being as known as Jay-Z is very bizarre.


Jaron Brown

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“Black Genius”

Frederick M. Jones

No, I’m not writing about myself, This is about Frederick McKinley Jones one of my favorite inventors. I felt the need to examine Jones in short to see what he’s brought to the world. I’ll start with the entertainment industry; Jones patented a ticket distributing machine that also gave change, helping create the ticket boy or girl who rips and collects tickets for some easy cash. Next is the process of  sound recording and playback, which was good since the first motion picture was “A Jazz Singer”, that would have been whack without sound. Jones gets credit for a few other mechanical devices prudent to the budding US Movie industry. His main focus was in the development of refrigeration units used for a wide array of transportation of goods . This provided cool containment for long distance transport of frozen and or fresh food for the grocery and fast food industry, not to forget that of blood and serum for soldiers during WWII. I could go on but this guy invent about 60 known patents, which is why I find him so inspiring. Jones saw no need to focus on one idea and the result of that brought his visions into our way of life and survival. And if there’s any inventor to bring up in a Black contribution discussion, he’s one I’ve thrown in the mix. Peace!

Frederick McKinley Jones (1893-1961)

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