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Good vision comes with time
So look passed old crimes
Move on to new grinds
And try to keep in mind
It ends when you die
Weather you believe
in the kingdom in the sky
Or reincarnation
The end still applies
The start is life
Between which visions Thrive.
Shapes are formed
By handless eyes
Rods stab realities depths
And colors dotted by cones
Reflect spectrums of light
That shine mountain tops
And dims the Valleys just right.

JaRon Brown


Happy becomes Sad

Warm Happy to cold sad is heart

From the decay, happiness grows

Unimaginable piles of dark, glows

Each breath thinner, swallow

Suffocates the lungs so

Sun’s rays ebbed by shadow

The road most traveled

Shall become filled with pits

Great fall of great goals

A smile given much

Long side a numbed touch

Heart has changed to stone

Which beats as such?

Not for riches of material

Nor passage of heavens bluff

A battle rages and a mind divided

Happy is being subsided

Sad begins rising

Strength is replaced with a weak

Confusion is now a natural feel

Loss is the permanent statement

Of the soul

Cry is comfort and protection

Sad is the solitude

Where the dark is home and safe

From the light of moon.

JaRon Brown

One and other, The two halves of the whole.


Artwork by JaRon Brown

This will be based on what I know to be metaphysics; A topic that is never really touched in our time maybe because of our underlying beliefs. To me, metaphysics can alleviate most of the anxieties of living when applied to ourselves , Without losing your current beliefs, metaphysics provides an inner peace through studying that inner awareness we call our egos or our persons by way of anatomical knowledge. By using a very practical thought processing to translate our complex connections, I hope to give folks something they can really hold as a reminder of what life really is, rather than having concepts that separate us from what is, like the globe for example has lines of latitude, longitude and borders, however when taking a trip high above the atmosphere you will witness no lines or borders lay across the planet. Metaphysics when applied will remind you that the lines are made up, imaginary, an institution, we all as humans just agree to use the concept of borders, meridians and parallels for navigating and pin pointing places on the planet.

Now going into what I believe to be our metaphysics to explain two halves of the whole (self). There is no self without other. For example, I am me and you reading this right now are you, in this moment you could say I’m speaking to you from the past. I’ve sent this message to the future which in this whole transaction takes place in eternity. But when you reverse the pole you refer to yourself as me. You would Say I am reading your words in which the ‘your’ is referred to as me. The other is always the object because one’s self is always the subject. I always am the center and you are always an object to me, no matter how you flip the point of view it is always this situation. Very practical connection yes, but not exactly considered until we get the feeling of loneliness.

When you touch an object you determine, anything other than self you call it hard or soft depending on your being soft or hard. Objects can only be hard to soft skin, but in relation to the hard skins, the object is soft. This can also be seen in relation to feelings. When a man or woman (self) feels happy, it is in relation to any object or objectives, the pole to this is when the self feels bad in relation to any object or objection. The pole is good and bad because there are no ways of knowing what are good feelings without also knowing what a bad feeling is.

The conscious attention which we call the ego works on this principal. In this case the ego is the response of the body to the environment. Without the environment, there could be nothing for the body to sense or respond to, hence no ego to witness itself. Without something or someone to compare and/or relate the self with, neither exists, neither is. This is the whole thing, the existence, the being. To end this article I will say, I hope that you play with it, try and find something that existence in relation to nothing, then find out how many things in existence have a relation. This is the one and other.

Love, JaRon

“Tough ol Democat”

Democratic Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders gets credit for his efforts as public servant, putting on record that he’s opposed to another attempt by the elite who-ever’s to attack social security. This time they tried to schedule benefits for retirees by 0.3 percentage points annually and use the media to cover it up. First thing that strikes me is, how many other secret policies have they cooked up to rob us. They tax us in so many ways that they’re digging in the pockets of pants we haven’t even bought yet.
Now I followed the math on this and it checks out, according to Dean Baker at Huffington post, the reduction would have amounted to a cut of 3 percent after 10 years, 6 percent after 20 years, and 9 percent after 30 years. That’s a clever trick knowing that the living expectancy has gone up when you think about it.
I have to side with Senator Bernie on another one of his views, like the Global Warming issue, taking aim at greenhouse gasses. Instead of going after old people and poor people for money he goes after the big guys. Along with Senate Environment and public works chairwoman Barbara Boxer, Senator Sanders moves to push legislation that will put a price on climate emissions. However, the other side to that is how far could something like pricing climate emissions go? Global Warming police , giving fines for old mufflers, BBQ’s and camp fires. ??? Whatever, links for more info below…

Photo from Huffington Post

Photo from Huffington Post


Welcome to The Bizarre Lab, a new video postings up called Thinkifications. Thinkification is a word i believe I’ve made up to give a title for a new type of video section in the lab for original verses and poems, rhymes, spoken word of talents i meet. Maybe I’ll even get some cool thinkifications from comedians I’ll meet on my renewed journey as a Stand -Up Comic.  However for this first thinkification, I present a Homeless guy I call Mr Shaka (The Shoe-less), who lived an eventful life, but now he lives on the streets of Washington heights. He got to the point where he doesn’t really care about much but god and crack, but probably more about crack, It’s bizarre but common in an addiction. Well back in 2011, I had a camera on me and took the opportunity to record one of the poems he’s got memorized. So I present Mr. Shaka The Shoe-less’ “nigger”. CLICK ON THE THINKIFICATION PICTURE


Rant on Power

JaydaJokerArt by Jaron Brown

Money, most things seem wrong because of money, but that’s not all there is to it, the practices we keep reinforce the grasps of Power, which we willingly give to others, do you realize that? Do you really know? What does freedom mean to you, really? Is it the freedom to travel where ever you want? See whatever you want to see? Buy whatever you want to buy? Well why do you want these things and happenings? Did someone tell you that these things are what you should have? Of course someone has, unless you’re raised by monks in a mountain somewhere you’ve been influenced by some kind of pattern, there are all types of names, cultures, religions, politics, corp., whatever. The upbringing has been institutionalized which underlines our perspectives. So what we desire is what the institutions want us to desire. The ones at the top ranks of these institutions have also falling into the trap of the other half of money, power. Why do we let this happen? Why have we fixed so much restraint on the desires of the masses and allowed the few to live unconstrained lives. Controlling our every thought, using fears and rewards, maybe in essence is what institutions are for. Have the masses thinking whatever while they experience life on the other side, having their desires met in abundance, so much that things others pray for are turned down, neglected and , surpassing the life itself.

How is money so blatantly enslaving the consciousness of us that is the human race? Remember that Bible most pretend holds the rules of the human race? Beings of the divine pattern, the universe grows through nature and enslaves itself with its very own genius. Money is what circulates in the veins and arteries of the beast that is Power, Economy’s other half. It starts with the brain, when one seeks to take advantage of the very soil, claim the dirt his own and make another work it instead of taking the task to hand. Labor has become an object that can be appointed to another and as the labor is distributed the distributor moves up to a level of worship. The stomach and organs, lower appointees are rewarded (money) for their labor so that they may continue to do their part. ” All these things i will give you if you fall down and do an act of worship to me.” (Matthew 4:9) This was one of the three temptations the devil offered the Christ. Now I don’t believe this actually happened, however this is what most live for, to worship their bosses and be thankful they have a place in this society, so now it’s time to go buy stuff. But the bible is a book of the greatest myths, myths that can be used for guidance in our world. On this particular topic of power over others, it would appear to be a no, yet the goal of damn near everybody is to have power over someone else. In institutions like marriage, police department, jobs in corporations, sport, even the family structure is based on ranks. And if everyone wants to have power over someone else, equality is way out the picture. Until next rant, Look in yourself and find yourself.


JaRon Brown

Victims Climax O Shame

victim artBy Jaron Brown

Welcome back to The Bizarre Lab, where we embrace and study the Bizarre of our world, and in this article I’ve dared to touch on a very sensitive and serious topic in humanity, that of rape. What makes this topic so bizarre to me is the primal desire hidden within the victim which causes orgasm during rape.  In some cases the women lie about being raped, and this is inexcusable, and those that do should be punished to the full extent of the law. In other cases women wait years to come forward and admit they’ve been raped. I think they do this in fear of what others would say if it’s found that she had an orgasm from the attack. That’s when people turn coldly as if jealous, and claim the woman or man (victim) enjoyed the act. Some even go as far to say the victim asked for it and put themselves in the situation to be taking advantage of. My concern isn’t with how women put themselves in the situations no my concern is for the women after the violation. I wanna try and give that confront in that fact that they are victims, and they will have support.

During last year’s election, Indiana’s Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock of the GOP responded to the issue of Pregnancy from rape as ‘Something God Intended’. Wow, crazy right?  I myself don’t believe in a spook in the sky and the way Mourdock thinks is just one example of why I don’t. Saying ‘God Intended’ is like saying your father has planned for you to get raped to conceive his grandchild. But the comment made me think more about rape victims, the reality is these women will have scars for life, and most keep it a secret. But are the scars just a part of institutionalized thinking caused by society itself?  Of course it is, the victims feel dirty, contaminated afterwards and in turn believes that everyone else will feel the same way about them. Sad enough, most people do feel that way towards them, not many will get involved with a woman after finding out shes been molested.

After speaking to people about it, I’ve found that most believe that if a woman has an O during rape “it’s not really rape because she enjoyed it”. Now knowing that this is what most people believe how could a victim come out and reveal such a horrific happening in their life without the support to help them through it? Blogs all over are attacking this issue for the same reason I am, to show support and spread awareness. We all could imagine the shame in having your body excited even though the mind isn’t in accordance with this act. Like when nipples become erect from the cold, or erection during class, both can be embarrassing. To add to this conundrum, based on last month’s Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, a 5,000 post –rape counseling session revealed that almost all female rape victims had an orgasm during the attack. That’s a lot of orgasms of shame, let’s unshame them.

My research has shown that there are many factors that are involved in these situations, but the leading factor I found amongst the studies are evolution and the hard-wired biological functions of the human body. Women are inherently more attracted to men that are more aggressive and dominant, which is just what a rapist becomes at that point in time, a savage extreme of strength and dominance. This overwhelms a woman’s body with excitement which causes the body the react accordingly and has nothing to do with their mental facilities. Just as the human body responds to heat by releasing sweat and vapor. This primal reaction ensures that the dominant of the species passes their genes to the next generation.

Now oddly enough there’s a primal desire in women to be raped, oh yeah it’s true. Based on (Bivona, J. and J. Critelli. “The Nature of Women’s Rape Fantasies: An Analysis of Prevalence, Frequency, and Contents, “Journal of Sex Research (2009) 46:33) In a survey out of north Texas university , 355 women  were asked how often do they fantasizes about being raped , 62% said they did have at least one fantasy of being raped. More women than we would believe actually have fantasies of being forced into having sex. Even when the question phrased differently, “being over powered by a man” 52% admitted having these desires. This may also have something to do with the circumstances’ in which a woman would have an orgasm during rape. The animal inside rears its primal head, but only in the name of nature, it’s not to say that they want to be clubbed over the head or held at gun point and raped, but in a controlled setting it’s welcomed, like in porns or movies. Like when us men day dream of a thug life and stuff, we desire the action but we don’t really want to be shot at in real life.

I started to cry when the thought came to mind that women out there that we see walking in the streets, riding the trains and buses, driving to and from work every day, just tormented by what happened to them. They need to know that support is out there and they aren’t perverts or crazy for having an orgasm during sex. And you dudes out there that think men can’t get raped by woman you’re buggin. A woman’s beauty alone isn’t what gets us hard, remember it’s a primal desire to procreate that’s activated, women don’t need to orgasm to conceive, but men do!  So if anything, it just means we are more accepting of being raped and feel good about a woman tearing our clothes off, it openly uplifts us men to be desired by women in any way, especially that way.

I hope this article reaches a lot of folks and gives them the strength to come out and get the help they truly deserve and need. Lastly I’d leave on this note for men, if you having a hard time getting your special lady that O, ya might wanna engage in some roll playing… (If you get my drift). Thank you all for reading and for more on the topic I’m leaving links  below if you want to look further into the matter, and you can click this link for a support service for rape victims.


Jaron Brown



bizzoGreetings and salutations fellow freethinkers and fuck ups I want to welcome you to the official relaunch and reformat of the BIZARRO THA BOLD column in a fresh new six shooter inspired presentation based on six current or socially relevant topics. GUNSHOT FE EVY PUSSYCLAWWT!!!!!!
Grammy nominated and cop or gangster debated heavyweight of southern gangster or “trap rap” music, Rick Ross, recently had an interview with an urban radio show where he clarified his position on the so-called beef with the young GD (Gangsta Disciples) upstarts who threatened to “see” Ricky Rosay if he didn’t cut them a “check” or attend any of their “functions in recent online videos. Well true to form the “BAWSE” was having none of it, stating that “no checks were being cut”. Ross also went on to boast that he was recently in the mecca of The Gangster Disciples organization, Chicago, performing in Chi-town with a 45,000 dollar mink coat that dragged on the floor as he strutted across the stage “so the people could see me”, said Ross. This is all some nigger bullshit with no incense. First of all, real gangsters or “professional” criminals ain’t dry-snitching on themselves making gang and conspiracy threats online like those dumbass niggas threatening Rosay in those blogs, and RAPPIN too! On the flipside here is another multimillionaire black business man posing as the second coming of TONY MONTANA. Enough is enough, will you go out in a huff an a puff when the wolves call your bluff?
Pound 4 pound king and undefeated boxing icon Floyd “MONEY” Mayweather is feeling either one or two things after watching fellow champion and rival Manny “PAC MAN” Pacquiao lying face first on the canvas after a devastating punch from accomplished champion veteran Juan Manuel Marquez, great relief that he dodged a bullet that might have killed him or terrible regret that he just lost at least 200 million by not fighting Pac man while the public’s interest was at its peak. I’m one of the biggest Mayweather supporters out here but even I have to admit that Floyd for all his talk of money team this and money team that he must have really had some doubts that he could beat Manny if he was willing to leave a half a billion dollar fight on the table.”Pretty Boy” even took his chances tusselin with seven-foot tall and five hundred pound WWE star ThE BIG SHOW at WRESTLEMANIA and danced a jig on Dancing With The Stars instead of dancing in the ring with Pacquiao. Now we may never know, and we may never know how great Floyd “Money” Mayweather could have been. Without a bonafide adversary to overcome like George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler, Julio Caesar Chavez etc, Floyd’s legacy will be incomplete and devoid of any true heroism even if he bought the batmobile he will never be Bruce Wayne, Lil Wayne maybe. The Tunechi Team? The great Oscar De la Hoya might wear women’s clothing occasionally and sing Grammy winning mariachi tunes, but he never ducked anyone. Even Jay Z had Tupac and Nas to certify his Pedigree.
The day of the dog is over boys, these bitches have gone wild on the internet! The days of men being percieved as the predominant cheater and the general low life scum bag of the sexes, is now lone gone. These bitches of all ages and nationalities are on the net dippin it low, taking backshots from one dude while talkin on the cell to their “man” at the same damn time! Bitches are giving instructions on how to give head, bitches is GIVING head on the fuckin SUBWAY in front of fellow passengers, bear with me people I have to rant! Bitches is taking Hustler magazine ass shots of themselves on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram then calling themselves lady’s at the same damn time! Bitches is tweetin a cheatin. Bitches is on the web cam freakin. Bitches is on Backpage and Craigslist sellin services, bitches is twerkin in wal-mart, bitches is fightin topless in the streets while filming it, bitches is downloading dick and then sending twitpics of the 2 piece chicken and dimebag of sour in the motel room the bitch got from her turbo tele app. Keep ya pimp hand strong brothas these bitches is loose! You know we ain’t getting off that easy fellas. The bitches will say, YOU NIGGAS STARTED IT!
In recent times, approximately the last six years or so, I lost my mojo somewhere between Bangor ME and Brooklyn NY. I have been caught up trying to be the best father and husband I could be and somehow completely lost myself in sentimental bullshit and moral dogma. To put it bluntly I have gone “soft” over the years trying to “do the right thing” and have suppressed my alpha aggression to the point of a domesticated pussy. Sound familiar? Well two black cans of Budweiser finest malt liquor, KING COBRA, recommended by my young housekeeping co-worker, brought back my much-needed FUCK EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY approach to life. Gunshot fe evy pussyclawt! I’m back to myself again where I have no tolerance for ANYONE’S bullshit, not even mine. This shot of testosterone in a can has quieted the nervous, indecisive, beta bitch mind that marijuana abuse created and reminded me just how motherfuckin bad I am and always have been. Mary Jane has a powerful spell that made me a little too sensitive to peoples needs and feelings while suppressing my own. Don’t get it fucked up I still love MARY but she is going to have ride in the backseat the rest of this trip. I got people to meet and places to be and I need to be able to say “go fuck yourself” whenever or wherever necessary, which is usually at least once a day and twice on Sunday. So without further ado, GO FUCK YOURSELF!
We all like to freak off. Even the most conservative people have some vile and disgusting fantasy’s hidden deep in the recesses of their psyche only to be revealed to their keyboard and mouse-pad. This relatively new phenomena of degradation style porn based on racial background might just be the spark that ignites the atom bomb around the world and especially here in the U.S. Black women in particular seem to be targeted the most in these modern-day plantation re-enactments. Do you know this? Do you care? It seems to be some tit for tat thing going on with these young white males seemingly jealous of white women’s well-known love of the black cock. While there are hordes of big black cock videos with black men long-dicking white women, black men don’t appear to be as vulgar or malicious toward white women as white men are toward black women. Now while I’m married to a beautiful Latina, my daughter does qualify as a young, half Hispanic, black woman and these recent developments leave me more than just a little concerned. Of course I can’t completely blame these low-life crackers without checking these slave-ass black bitches who allow themselves to be slapped, spat-on, and what appears to be legitimate physical abuse and in some cases damn near assault! You need that little bit of scrilla that bad bitch? All you tough talkin rappers and fake-ass freedom fighters need to look in the mirror and look into this shit before its YOUR SISTER, MOTHER, OR DAUGHTER who is having a train run on her by plantation owners with no whips.
One after another, job after job, bitch-ass boss after bitch-ass boss, one ridiculous situation after another just to acquire the almighty dollar, dollar bill ya’ll. Enough! Stop the insanity! I will now look to exclusively generate my own income by any means. FUCK A JOB! With all my heart and soul I mean this shit now. Shit is upside down out here and has been this way since BEFORE I was born. So should I look to single-handedly change the world and make it a better place for you and me? Fuck no! I gotta get mine for me and my family then maybe I’ll find the time and energy to fight the world’s injustices. In the meanwhile Im selling everything except my wife and daughters ass to stay afloat out here. What about you? Are you thoroughly chained to your plantation without a plan for escape? Im not just talking about people of color either. Whites benefit from their skin color no doubt but they are still plenty of white labors suffering a similar fate. Are you mentally prepared to leave the shackles of hateful religious MORAL programming and shamelessly pursue your happiness? How do you know you have a job and not a career? If you have to take a drug test, wear a uniform, shave or groom yourself according to company policy, punch a time card, bring a doctor’s note in for taking a sick day, or most importantly have a cap on how much money you can earn while working. Like I said FUCK A JOB, unless you have an eviction notice.

Black Champion

Art by Jaron Brown

Welcome all to The Bizarre Lab, this article is inspired by a great Human Being that fearlessly gained freedom by choosing to do what makes him happy no matter how scared he got or what the world believed. A brave man that saw no obstacles only opportunities, life had an effect on him, but he had a bigger effect on life. The Man I speak of is one amongst the World’s greatest heavy weights in and outside the ring. (Boxing ring is a square so why do we call it ring? Bizarre) In the twentieth century, slavery ended however the odds against a man seem immeasurable, but not if you were Jack Johnson. He was born John Arthur “Jack” Johnson, in Galveston Texas, March 31, 1878, to former slaves, Henry and Tina Johnson. The two had one plan that was to educate all six of their children making sure they learned math, reading and writing. Jack left school after six years and started working at the docks, years later he met Joe Choynski, and they became friends as well as sparring partners and started his boxing career. Through his evasive movements and dead accurate punches he often made his fights look very one sided. This of course brought him much attention, at the height of the Jim Crow era Jack was like a modern day sports icon. In 1908 Jack defeated Tommy Burns in Sydney, Australia making himself the first Black Heavy Weight Champion of the World. He made front page on white newspapers which was astounding at the time, Blacks were only put in the paper for crimes, hangings, and for being suspected of a crime. Whites rallied behind Jim Jeffries the former heavy weight champion to come out of retirement, and in 1910 he did, it became one of the most note worthy moments in history.   “The Fight of the Century” they called it, and Jim Jeffries the great white hope was deployed. It was a monumental fight, one that proved that whites weren’t the most dominate race on earth as they tried to make everyone believe. By beating the champion amongst all those white folks that gathered in Reno, Nevada that hot dessert day Johnson displayed not only his skills as a boxer but his courage in the face of certain death. Days after ‘The Fight of the Century’ was over, tempers flared and riots broke out all over the country. Jack Johnson had giving Blacks something to think about as well as celebrate. At a time when the world made blacks believe they were inferior, Jack behaved like he was inferior to no one. From what I read about Jack and what I watched on the PBS documentary, his fearless personality gave him a great confidence, allowing him to live as a free man till he died in 1946 in a car crash. There are a lot more interesting stories of Jack Johnson, for instance being turned away from the titanic (Blues singer LeadBelly wrote a song about that) and his life full of white women and racing cars, but an amateur writer like me can only do so little justice in telling his story. So I leave you with this reference in hopes that you’ll hold an interest in Jack Johnson and do more research on him or checkout the PBS documentary “Unforgiveable Blackness” by Ken Burns following the life of Jack Johnson.


Jaron Brown

For more on Jack Johnson checkout these links

Bizarro Tha Bold presents… Women Are Stupid part 2: (The War Against Straight Men)


 Some of you may have found part 1 of this article to be male-biased and harsh on our female counterparts, well no apologies here we are at WAR! I’m not talking about the war on terror which is a sadistic joke I will speak on at another time; I’m speaking on the war against US. The straight, heterosexual ALPHA MALES of society are being slowly fazed out of existence by subliminal, overt, covert, and even outright means of corporate, government and media manipulation. Straight men (and women who want to raise straight boys into men) wake up, stand up, look around and really pay attention. What is going on? Do you see how you are being debased and made powerless to express yourself in your true nature? So much so that we have to channel this male energy into sports, porn, drugs, and music. Some of you would say well what’s wrong with that! The issue is not those activities we as straight men love; it is the psychosis that develops as a result of our mental imbalances. We are abandoning our roles as head of household, fathers, teachers, and most importantly LEADERS. We are being replaced with dikes, overaggressive straight women, transvestites, Jesus (yes I said Jesus), celebrity worship, and a bunch of punkass beta yes men. Now you say WHO is waging this war against US and WHY? Ask yourself this; if I wanted to control a large population and it has been proven that blatant tyranny does not work what would be a more “civil” way to keep cracking the whip without leaving VISIBLE scars? You would destroy THE FAMILY STRUCTURE from within by convincing this population that they were free to do whatever they wanted as long as certain stipulations were in place (THE LAWS) for SECURITY. Let the gays get married and give them a pass to influence a countless number of children and young adults with their warped perception of life through television(TMZ etc), the internet, and even schools. Give the women ultimate power in the household by passing domestic laws that allow them to insult and disrespect their male counterparts without penalty and in many cases threaten or lock-up these men if they don’t comply. The WHO is the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH or VATICAN and all of their cohorts in England, America, Germany, the Middle East and many more I won’t go into here. Due your research and observe what is happening to US! STAND UP OR DIE A SLOW MEANINGLESS DEATH



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