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Cocaine iz a hellava drug!!!


Article by Bizarro Tha Bold

       I recently found myself inspired and intrigued by indie rapper Riff Raff best known for his flashy and colorful style as well a short lived affiliation with Superstar Rapper Soldja Boy and his label SODMG. I long suspected that Riff Raff had his snow shoes on deck but got the confirmation when I watched him snort a line on a video blog of his. Although Riff Raff acts a fool in his songs and video’s he comes across as a well spoken and intelligent person who has an aura of authenticity and  realness that cannot be denied when he is interviewed, or is speaking in one of his countless video viral’s. Speaking of his numerous videos(93 in two years he boasted)on the web Riff Raff’s work ethic is is only bested by fellow underground workhorse Lil B.”I’ll make a mixtape in four hours” he said to DJ VLAD on VLADTV.COM I’m assuming that he was motivated by the same substance famed author Stephen King was in the eighties. From 1979-1987, the horror novelist was addicted to cocaine, describing it as his “on switch” and cannot remember a couple of books he wrote during this period. King claims it saved him from alcoholism and an early grave.”Without coke I’d have gone on drinking until about the age of 55 and it would have been a couple of lines in the New York Times:”writer Stephen King dies of stroke”. Similarly Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the famous story Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde in six days and nights on a cocaine binge.”That an invalid in my husbands condition of health should have been able to perform the manual labor alone of putting 60,000 words on paper in six days seems almost incredible” said his astonished wife, Fanny. In his autobiography legendary Hall of Fame football player Lawrence Taylor admitted to using white girl as early as his rookie season on the gridiron, quoted as saying”coke was the only bright spot in my future”.Hmmmm. Sigmund Freud penned an essay UberCoca extolling its virtues.Charlie Sheen; no editorial needed. My main man Steven Tyler said “I snorted half of Peru”. The now-sober Aerosmith frontman said he threw away “realistically 5 or 6 (million) easy” to feed his habit during the 1970’s and 80’s. The one constant that I’m noticing is that coke seems to inspire genius level inspiration and creativity at a price, literally. Known as the “caviar of street drugs” cocaine is the status-heavy vise of celebrities, business high rollers, street hustlers, and catholic priest’s. Hmmmm. So I did the research, the highs of coke are a enhanced sense of energy and alertness, an extremely elevated mood, and a feeling of supremacy. The cons are irritability, paranoia, anxiety, and restlessness. Hmmmm, should I give it the ol college dropout try? Would I finally be able to finish my book? Could I make something of myself? Could I pimp bitches!? Ahhhhhhhh some of life’s many mysteries. What do you think? Share some of your experiences cleaning off mirrors.


Sports Rant

64264385_400x400Bizarro Tha Bold rants about the recent controversy surrounding pro golfer Sergio Garcia’s comments pertaining to Champion golfer and future hall of famer Tiger Woods. Garcia made reference to eating fried chicken with Woods to a banquet audience in England.

Enjoy !

Thinkifications- Mark Anthony Ramirez


Welcome to the bizarre lab, in this Thinkification video I’m pleased to have Stand up Comedian and Writer Mark Anthony Ramirez shoot with me. The topic of race is one of the main issues in our Country and the fact that we ignore it doesn’t do any good. I’m the type of person who can’t help but think of ways to solve issues like this one, and I’m glade to know I’m not the only one with this stubborn optimism, So does Mark, seen on ABC, MTV, and Comedy Central; Heard and seen on Howard Stern, The Joey Reynolds Show, National Lampoon Radio, and Court TV Radio, The Me & Vinnie Show, Cosmo Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio. Mark gives the bizarre lab his insightful and comedic take on Race for this second installment of “Thinkifications”. Enjoy !
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bizzoGreetings and salutations fellow freethinkers and fuck ups I want to welcome you to the official relaunch and reformat of the BIZARRO THA BOLD column in a fresh new six shooter inspired presentation based on six current or socially relevant topics. GUNSHOT FE EVY PUSSYCLAWWT!!!!!!
Grammy nominated and cop or gangster debated heavyweight of southern gangster or “trap rap” music, Rick Ross, recently had an interview with an urban radio show where he clarified his position on the so-called beef with the young GD (Gangsta Disciples) upstarts who threatened to “see” Ricky Rosay if he didn’t cut them a “check” or attend any of their “functions in recent online videos. Well true to form the “BAWSE” was having none of it, stating that “no checks were being cut”. Ross also went on to boast that he was recently in the mecca of The Gangster Disciples organization, Chicago, performing in Chi-town with a 45,000 dollar mink coat that dragged on the floor as he strutted across the stage “so the people could see me”, said Ross. This is all some nigger bullshit with no incense. First of all, real gangsters or “professional” criminals ain’t dry-snitching on themselves making gang and conspiracy threats online like those dumbass niggas threatening Rosay in those blogs, and RAPPIN too! On the flipside here is another multimillionaire black business man posing as the second coming of TONY MONTANA. Enough is enough, will you go out in a huff an a puff when the wolves call your bluff?
Pound 4 pound king and undefeated boxing icon Floyd “MONEY” Mayweather is feeling either one or two things after watching fellow champion and rival Manny “PAC MAN” Pacquiao lying face first on the canvas after a devastating punch from accomplished champion veteran Juan Manuel Marquez, great relief that he dodged a bullet that might have killed him or terrible regret that he just lost at least 200 million by not fighting Pac man while the public’s interest was at its peak. I’m one of the biggest Mayweather supporters out here but even I have to admit that Floyd for all his talk of money team this and money team that he must have really had some doubts that he could beat Manny if he was willing to leave a half a billion dollar fight on the table.”Pretty Boy” even took his chances tusselin with seven-foot tall and five hundred pound WWE star ThE BIG SHOW at WRESTLEMANIA and danced a jig on Dancing With The Stars instead of dancing in the ring with Pacquiao. Now we may never know, and we may never know how great Floyd “Money” Mayweather could have been. Without a bonafide adversary to overcome like George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler, Julio Caesar Chavez etc, Floyd’s legacy will be incomplete and devoid of any true heroism even if he bought the batmobile he will never be Bruce Wayne, Lil Wayne maybe. The Tunechi Team? The great Oscar De la Hoya might wear women’s clothing occasionally and sing Grammy winning mariachi tunes, but he never ducked anyone. Even Jay Z had Tupac and Nas to certify his Pedigree.
The day of the dog is over boys, these bitches have gone wild on the internet! The days of men being percieved as the predominant cheater and the general low life scum bag of the sexes, is now lone gone. These bitches of all ages and nationalities are on the net dippin it low, taking backshots from one dude while talkin on the cell to their “man” at the same damn time! Bitches are giving instructions on how to give head, bitches is GIVING head on the fuckin SUBWAY in front of fellow passengers, bear with me people I have to rant! Bitches is taking Hustler magazine ass shots of themselves on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram then calling themselves lady’s at the same damn time! Bitches is tweetin a cheatin. Bitches is on the web cam freakin. Bitches is on Backpage and Craigslist sellin services, bitches is twerkin in wal-mart, bitches is fightin topless in the streets while filming it, bitches is downloading dick and then sending twitpics of the 2 piece chicken and dimebag of sour in the motel room the bitch got from her turbo tele app. Keep ya pimp hand strong brothas these bitches is loose! You know we ain’t getting off that easy fellas. The bitches will say, YOU NIGGAS STARTED IT!
In recent times, approximately the last six years or so, I lost my mojo somewhere between Bangor ME and Brooklyn NY. I have been caught up trying to be the best father and husband I could be and somehow completely lost myself in sentimental bullshit and moral dogma. To put it bluntly I have gone “soft” over the years trying to “do the right thing” and have suppressed my alpha aggression to the point of a domesticated pussy. Sound familiar? Well two black cans of Budweiser finest malt liquor, KING COBRA, recommended by my young housekeeping co-worker, brought back my much-needed FUCK EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY approach to life. Gunshot fe evy pussyclawt! I’m back to myself again where I have no tolerance for ANYONE’S bullshit, not even mine. This shot of testosterone in a can has quieted the nervous, indecisive, beta bitch mind that marijuana abuse created and reminded me just how motherfuckin bad I am and always have been. Mary Jane has a powerful spell that made me a little too sensitive to peoples needs and feelings while suppressing my own. Don’t get it fucked up I still love MARY but she is going to have ride in the backseat the rest of this trip. I got people to meet and places to be and I need to be able to say “go fuck yourself” whenever or wherever necessary, which is usually at least once a day and twice on Sunday. So without further ado, GO FUCK YOURSELF!
We all like to freak off. Even the most conservative people have some vile and disgusting fantasy’s hidden deep in the recesses of their psyche only to be revealed to their keyboard and mouse-pad. This relatively new phenomena of degradation style porn based on racial background might just be the spark that ignites the atom bomb around the world and especially here in the U.S. Black women in particular seem to be targeted the most in these modern-day plantation re-enactments. Do you know this? Do you care? It seems to be some tit for tat thing going on with these young white males seemingly jealous of white women’s well-known love of the black cock. While there are hordes of big black cock videos with black men long-dicking white women, black men don’t appear to be as vulgar or malicious toward white women as white men are toward black women. Now while I’m married to a beautiful Latina, my daughter does qualify as a young, half Hispanic, black woman and these recent developments leave me more than just a little concerned. Of course I can’t completely blame these low-life crackers without checking these slave-ass black bitches who allow themselves to be slapped, spat-on, and what appears to be legitimate physical abuse and in some cases damn near assault! You need that little bit of scrilla that bad bitch? All you tough talkin rappers and fake-ass freedom fighters need to look in the mirror and look into this shit before its YOUR SISTER, MOTHER, OR DAUGHTER who is having a train run on her by plantation owners with no whips.
One after another, job after job, bitch-ass boss after bitch-ass boss, one ridiculous situation after another just to acquire the almighty dollar, dollar bill ya’ll. Enough! Stop the insanity! I will now look to exclusively generate my own income by any means. FUCK A JOB! With all my heart and soul I mean this shit now. Shit is upside down out here and has been this way since BEFORE I was born. So should I look to single-handedly change the world and make it a better place for you and me? Fuck no! I gotta get mine for me and my family then maybe I’ll find the time and energy to fight the world’s injustices. In the meanwhile Im selling everything except my wife and daughters ass to stay afloat out here. What about you? Are you thoroughly chained to your plantation without a plan for escape? Im not just talking about people of color either. Whites benefit from their skin color no doubt but they are still plenty of white labors suffering a similar fate. Are you mentally prepared to leave the shackles of hateful religious MORAL programming and shamelessly pursue your happiness? How do you know you have a job and not a career? If you have to take a drug test, wear a uniform, shave or groom yourself according to company policy, punch a time card, bring a doctor’s note in for taking a sick day, or most importantly have a cap on how much money you can earn while working. Like I said FUCK A JOB, unless you have an eviction notice.