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” Eye Contact of Attraction “


Welcome the Bizarre Labs third installment of ‘Thinkifications’,  the topic is The eye contact of attraction, how does it work ? To answer this question instead of researching the web I’ve decided to do a field study, conducting  interviews with female civilians and using their opinions to make my conclusion on the matter of eye contact of attraction. Chosen from  groups I consider of dating ages, between 18 and 40 to me anyway. I came across three women willing to share their opinions with us, and I personally don’t think I could have selected a better lot, they all touch the same theme on the circumstances under which they give the eye contact of attraction and what’s expected after. I believe this information will be useful for not only approaching women based on attraction but in dealing with most women in a range of situations, like the clerk at the DMV or the Bosses old angry hag secretary.  

I’ve noticed women seem to use eye contact and or the non-eye contact rather as a defense mechanism . Once they’ve noticed the object (man) of attraction , the eye is giving, now without going in depth about the woman’s confidence or insecurity, lets just say they all watch for a short time.  The bottom line is if they’re attracted, you’ll get the eye contact BUT they’re  not looking for eye contact, their feeling for confidence. So don’t  get puzzled when a woman gives you a glance and never turns your way again, the glance was the signal. Or don’t expect to be turned down if you didn’t get eye contact, chances are you missed her glance. Eye contact  is a call for your confidence. If the confidence isn’t seen and felt, the joker card you’re dealt .

JaRon Brown

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