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Triangle Pose

tri pose jest

I was told to try this angle,

Because I would feel fly.

Said the pose called the triangle.

It said ‘when you look towards the sky,

You’d feel balanced from this angle

At the correct angle, just give it a try,

Said the pose called the triangle

It said this pose will strengthen my thighs

When I spread my legs to a right angle.

Said the pose called the triangle

It would strengthen my arms if I tried

To stretch one low and the other high

While having my back bend at the right angle

Go ahead, give it a try,

said the pose called the triangle

Then it looked through my eyes and said

I tell you no lie, and with that I was convinced of its angle

And gave the pose called the triangle

A try.

JaRon Brown

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Welcome to The Bizarre Lab, a new video postings up called Thinkifications. Thinkification is a word i believe I’ve made up to give a title for a new type of video section in the lab for original verses and poems, rhymes, spoken word of talents i meet. Maybe I’ll even get some cool thinkifications from comedians I’ll meet on my renewed journey as a Stand -Up Comic.  However for this first thinkification, I present a Homeless guy I call Mr Shaka (The Shoe-less), who lived an eventful life, but now he lives on the streets of Washington heights. He got to the point where he doesn’t really care about much but god and crack, but probably more about crack, It’s bizarre but common in an addiction. Well back in 2011, I had a camera on me and took the opportunity to record one of the poems he’s got memorized. So I present Mr. Shaka The Shoe-less’ “nigger”. CLICK ON THE THINKIFICATION PICTURE